Mobile Arts provides the following highly scalable messaging products.

Short Message Service Centre

The Mobile Arts Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) is a high throughput, fully featured SMSC that incorporates classic mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-application, and application-to-mobile SMSC functionality. In addition, the SMLC supports “mobile terminating” features, such as SMS copy to email and broadcast, and SMS bulk campaign management.


Missed Call Alert

The Mobile Arts Missed Call Alert (MCA) system allow Operators to provide end-users with an easy to use missed call logging and notification system, for calls received when the called party was not reachable.


USSD Gateway

The Mobile Arts USSD Gateway (USSD-GW) offers Operators a powerful and flexible way of providing simple to use menu-driven pull- and push content services. In addition to the USSD-GW, Mobile Arts provides a suite of USSD based applications.