The Mobile Arts Service Performance Engine (SPE) solution enables the Mobile Network Operator to understand and improve the end-user quality of experience for all mobile services. This includes measurement of the user-plane packet service quality in the entire network for all users.

The SPE can process, correlate and analyse millions of mobile network events per second in near real-time. These network events are received from various systems, such as control- and user-plane probe systems and radio network trace servers. The SPE supports a range of different use cases, such as: 

  • Network and service analytics

  • Real-time service performance monitoring

  • Real-time network event triggering

  • Optimization of outbound roaming (international, national) traffic

  • Continuous virtual drive test of the entire network

  • Continuous virtual speed test of the entire network


The SPE is a truly open solution that offers easy-to-use external APIs that external systems can use.